Monday, May 01, 2006

If I could figure out how to title the entries, this one would be called "Night of the living dead." For those who know about horror films, you would rightly claim I ripped a title off- and you would be right. Why is a movie about zombies and the living dead worth a horror flick? What's so horrifying of corpses running around? Such silliness, right?

I would posit that it isn't at all. The Bible mentions multiple times that we are sinners, and as such have no life in us. Starting to sound familiar? As sinners, we are the "living dead"- corpses so full of corruption that God cannot stand us. And yet, He provides for this world full of zombies and flesh with breath, health, food, drink, joy, and many innumerable blessings.

People often cry out, thinking they are justified, "Why has god done ...?!" and "A loving god doesn't do..." and shake their fists towards heaven. They don't stop to consider that the very breath they curse God with is a gift. God could very well have extinguished the entirety of Creation when man first sinned. However, wonder of wonders, He provided for our salvation. A hateful god would have tortured us for eternity. A loving God, a God who is Love, disciplines and blesses for our benefit. As Christians we are no longer zombies obeying the corpses around us, but the Living God, Christ crucified and raised.