Saturday, May 15, 2010


The going thing in "science" now is evolution to explain how all the flora and fauna came to be. But that will pass in time. Already Darwinian random chance is giving way to some sort of logic within evolutionary circles. That path eventually ends with design, and ultimately the quest for who made everything. The downfall of evolution might come sooner than I think when you have articles like this which show that the simplest forms of creation, namely plants, use physics we have only begun to understand. Quantum mechanics aren't supposed to exist in macro systems like trees, especially not a sensitive quantum aspect like entanglement. However, this is how photosynthesis occurs. Biologists currently wonder how human nerves can transmit their signals so efficiently. I fully suspect they will find superconductivity as the reason.

Both of these quantum mechanic aspects have only been seen at extremely cold temperatures in labs. We know so little of how the universe works. Only God has the understanding to fully grasp what each nuance means and use it to create trees and animals. Science provides the explanation of how things work. Theology (proper theology to be precise) provides the answers of why it exists at all and how it all started.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Man arrested for preaching...

A man who preached on a street corner in Britain was arrested because he said homosexuality is a sin. They arrested him on laws that were not originally intended to be used this way, and it appears this is an increasing occurrence. I fully expect this to come to America, if it hasn't already. It is very clear from God's Word that Christians would be persecuted, and this is just another example. Hopefully this means the Last Day is soon, and this strife will end.