Saturday, January 24, 2009

Where is your trust?

With the media reports on the inauguration, we saw more than one person exclaim to the effect that "Obama will save us." With the economy headed downward, the action in Afghanistan heating up, and terrorists still at large, I can see where people might be anxious, nervous, and looking for hope. Where is your hope? Where is your trust? President Obama? Congress? Gov't bailouts of the economy? UN sanctions to put troubled areas at peace? Where you seek your security, there your heart is also. The bailouts are a false hope. Suggesting a President will salve economic ills is fallacy. Do you trust your savings account to keep you secure? In truth, our only security is trusting God to provide our daily bread each day. Any other trust, however momentary, robs God of our faith in Him. I pray you haven't fallen into the trap of trusting any man, machine, or bureaucracy for your daily bread. That which sustains you might come from these things, but God provides. If you have fallen into this trust of worldly things, repent and trust God to provide all. Thankfully our God forgives more debt than any country can cover over.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

ULMA Meeting

Last week I went as the Lay Representative to the ULMA semi-annual meeting. (I know, I wasn't a good blogger and took a week to get to it apologies. ;-)) It was good to meet everyone involved, including laity in charge of the meeting(all men from the member congregations) and pastors. It is refreshing to meet a group who use the Robert's Rules of Order for just that- order. It isn't used to control the meeting as it is in some LCMS District meetings. They are very supportive and their focus is on getting the Word of God out, and taught properly, to the congregations. The lay ran the meeting and voted on several issues, including continuing the support to Agnus Dei (which they did). The pastors do not have a vote but provide theological input (which is sought). This is in keeping AFAIK with Walther's "Church and Ministry" and how much of the LCMS operates congregationally, or at least did. It was a good meeting, especially considering the weather moving through.

I am the third attendee from the lay of our mission church. The experience has been helpful for all of us who have attended. It is very helpful in seeing how this runs and to put faces with names. I wish the LCMS churches I have attended in the past let as many lay go to the conferences and not rely on one person.

For those who think pastor Jack Cascione is THE ULMA, I hate to disappoint, but he has a fairly sidelined position with the direction of the ULMA. I think he talked the least of the pastors there (there were 5), with the lead being taken by the laity in organizing and supporting the day-to-day needs of the ULMA.