Thursday, September 24, 2009

God is in Control

Being a father to four kids keeps me on my toes. Last week, my youngest was injured at home while I was taking a required class for work. While the injury wasn't serious, he did require some corrective (but minor) surgery. All is well now, thanks be to God! God has taken care of us always, it just seems more apparent during the trying times.

We have been teaching our kids different hymns, which we sing (a cappella; poorly in my case...) every evening for about a month. We just started singing "Now Thank We All Our God" (LSB 895). It is one of my favorites for both the tune and text. And songs like this are also good to be able to recall during the trying times, and the celebratory times when the trial is over. I hope to imprint these on our children so they have a ready mental hymnbook no matter the time.