Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Doing something right

You know you are doing something right when the kids ask for hymns (on CD) in the van 10 seconds after you start it up. My oldest son's favorite hymn is "A Mighty Fortress" and my second son (who is 3) informed his mother that he can play "A Mighty Fortress" on a baby piano (one of the little 4-key versions). They are cute at that age, and neither of us will deflate that enthusiasm in the slightest!

I think, and so far experience has borne this out, that immersing kids in the Word (without dumbing it down or changing it to "suit what they can understand") seems to take best. When you use the Sunday School workbooks with paraphrased stories, how are they going to learn them by heart? They don't need to understand it all to know the story. (Does anyone understand God's Word perfectly?) That's the beauty of little kids (i.e. less than like 8-10 yrs). Early on they soak up things to remember. Later on they start to use that basis for their understanding of the world and Word. Lukewarm in, lukewarm/cold out. Consistent, pure in; I expect a deeper, consistent, reverent understanding out. Time will tell, but by the Grace of God...