Friday, April 10, 2009

Blackest of Victories

The phrase you usually hear in movies when there is a succession of kingship is "The King is dead... long live the King!" At first glance this is a strange statement. But, given the context, it makes sense. In the case of Good Friday, the King takes the punishment of the decrepit beggars at his door. The King dies. I am sure Satan paraded around his minons shouting this phrase, assuming he would succeed the King. (Yes, there is no proof of this, and is never alluded. It is just a supposition...) In three days, the King lives again. Satan is defeated. This victory comes through the darkness, though the very evil He forgives. God's way is better than man's way. By far. The words of the common Doxology come to mind: "Praise God from whom all blessings flow..."


Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Quick Update

My son is still doing well. There are ups and downs, and he is doing all of the preemie things (forgetting to breathe, heart rate, etc). He recently passed his birth weight and has put on a couple ounces since then. He is taking some food via a tube to his stomach. But he still has episodes where he forgets to breathe or his heart rate drops. We pray for him (and many others are as well) every day at least. We know he is in God's hands and is His child (he was baptized in the NICU on 3/25).

Keep praying for him as the road is long. +SDG+