Friday, November 18, 2011

Occupation of the Word

The "occupy (insert location here)" fad seems to be waning. There is a key thing to take away from the whole episode. I rarely heard anyone discussing the study habits, lectures, or general development of the encamping protesters. I only heard about the chants, demands, and some outrageous behavior. Those demands mostly seemed focused on their interpretation of things and what would make them, the protestors, happy. In the end, the crux of their argument is self-centered. As Christians we are supposed to be outside of this world, to be an example to it. One way we can do this is by studying the Word and occupying our minds with it.

I know I don't normally link to current events, mostly as they are trivial and trite for a vast majority of them. This is just a good example of why Christians shouldn't take their cues from the world (occupy protests, marketing directors, entertainment gurus, metrics on growth, etc) but from the Word. The Living Word occupying our minds and hearts guides Christians to live not as the world lives. This gives no room for the devil, or the flesh, and moves us to better our understanding and service to others to give witness to the Light.