Saturday, April 07, 2012

Army of One

This is the recruiting motto for the US Army, but it fits our Lord during Holy Week. Here Christ, without armor, fights the toughest fight, the fight of all time. It doesn't seem like much perhaps- brutal but without major battles, swords, or battlefield honor. No- those are the things of the world. Jesus comes as his ancestor David came, without armor and "meager" weapons. Christ marches up to death, accepts the penalty for our sin dealt by the superpower of the time, and passes into hell. The war is now over in one swift stroke; but now comes the occupation by Christians. On Easter Morning Christ revealed the extent of the victory. It wasn't just victory over the Romans, the kind that the populace longed for. It was victory over the dragon and all his followers, including many elements of Rome as well as our own flesh. It was the better victory, by a better soldier than anyone can ever hope to be. Here is the model of a Christian soldier, fighting the demons who wage a guerrilla war. The demonic forces hope to eek out another small victory against the impending flood of Christ's return. Every hour they grow more desperate, knowing that at the time of His choosing is growing near and the rebellion will not only be over, but crushed forever. The Word lives. Christ lives again. Death and the devil do not. Hallelujah!