Monday, January 01, 2007

The Kantorei

I was privileged to go to the Kantorei service on Dec. 31 and my family was able to host two fine Seminarians that night. For those who are interested, Pastor Stiegemeyer posted their schedule here. They are quite good and worth a decent trip to hear. For those who are unable to hear them in person, I know they have CDs that are accessible via the CTS bookstore website.

The Seminarians we hosted were about my age. One was a 4-year student who should receive his first call this spring and has a family similar to my own. The other was a first year student and isn't married yet (he is engaged though). Both were conservatives, and it was interesting talking about how they got to be a conservative and theology in general. It was a late night, but worth the time. I certainly hope I can keep in contact with these new friends as they enter the official position of Pastor. If you get the chance to host a Kantorei or Seminarian, don't only ask them about the new Lutheran Service Book (LSB), but ask who they are. I found the whole discussion to be enjoyable and will do it again if the opportunity presents itself.

As a side note, I have started looking at the Ablaze propaganda to attempt to figure out where the root issue starts. So far my impression is there is something wrong, I just can't stick my finger on it. I have found things that display a stunning lack of forethought, but I will save those for an Ablaze only post. I want this post to simply point out the Kantorei's ability and the men that make it up. Conservatism isn't for old guys anymore.

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