Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sin Rights

If you read through the Old Testament, you will come across the phrase "..did what was right in their own eyes..." a significant number of times, relating to Israelites and their disobeying of God's Word. Sometimes it reads almost like a broken record where the punishment and the straying are only verses apart. This same phrase comes to mind when I see fellow Christians wallowing into areas they don't belong with reckless abandon. A case in point is the ELCA looking to "accept" homosexuals, even to the point of ordination! For those who wonder what the fuss is about, see this excellent post from Cyberstones titled The Power of Naming an Enemy. Rebellion against God is the essence of sin. Homosexuality rebels against the order God has made, the nature of the blessings of marriage, and the marring of those two aspects in the imagery of Christ and his bride, the Church. We want to "not offend" and let people do what they think is right. But a Christian must call a sin a sin, lest he grow blind to it.

The devil always says "Did God really say....?" because that is one of the most effective weasels he has. God has said "Thou shalt not commit adultery." We twist that around to any number of meanings. Our flesh cries out "I have a right!" God, if He so cared to, could respond (rightly) "To do what?!" We wouldn't have a great answer to the Creator of all things. Our flesh just wants the right to sin. The warfare we face to beat back this devilish impulse is intense and we will fall a multitude of times. Only God fighting for us keeps us from falling forever. Thank God He has the right to choose to fight on our behalf!

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