Sunday, November 11, 2007

Good Article on Gov't and Authority

This was a pertinent article by Pastor Stiegemeyer on the authority of a government. Enjoy Pastor Stiegemeyer's article- it is a very good one.

The rancor in American politics is frighteningly high. We also just had an election day last Tuesday and the Presidential debate has been going on for about a couple weeks shy of eternity (alright, closer to a year and a half..). It is understandable that some of us has our government on our mind. We also read of politicians saying strange things, like this one from Cuba's Vice President "a president's legitimacy stems not only from his election by voters ... he must also be legitimate in the exercise of power." This is in opposition to the authority given by God to serve and protect the people. Legitimacy comes from God alone.

However, our first allegiance is to God. In a world of political correctness, a man can be seriously incriminated for simply implying some sort of discrimination. In Finland, a Lutheran Pastor has been brought under charges for sex discrimination for not conducting a service with Communion with a female pastor. He is following God's design and is in trouble. I stand behind his decision because he did what God directed, not what man, or in this case a woman, wanted. If you don't think it won't happen here in the US, just wait a couple more years. I wouldn't be surprised.

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