Sunday, May 11, 2008

Proper Discernment

While I was contemplating leaving the LC-MS, I was told I shouldn't judge other's intentions. I agree with that statement. But all too often admonitions not to judge the heart are shortened to include admonitions to not judge at all. We are supposed to, and encouraged to, judge actions. You know who someone is by what they do, since we cannot see the heart. Actions by LC-MS hierarchy have not been wise, and their actions to not match their words. For this alone they should repent and turn back to using Scripture alone.

Decisions on missions and church starts should be done by need for the Gospel, not on budget. I don't suggest anyone ignore the reality of the pocketbook, but I don't believe that is the sole basis of stewardship. Stewardship means trusting God's promises to provide for our needs. Just because the pocketbook is narrow doesn't mean you stop preaching the Word where it is needed. Faith requires you to lean on God through plentiful and through scarce. This is the tack I am taking- I am trusting God to provide for our mission, regardless of the wisdom or sense of man or demographics.

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