Thursday, August 14, 2008


If you wish to post comments, I encourage you to do so. However, if you are going to discuss any given thing, don't just say it is true. Back it up with quotes, links, and verses. Those who don't will be challenged. I don't think anyone has time to be wasted trying to prove everyone's opinion for them. I will end with this quote, which I find more than covers quite a few situations like these.

Sine factus persone istra cum opinione solo tu es."
In English: "Without facts, you are just another person with an opinion."

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Whey Lay said...

Greetings, VirginiaLutheran! I hadn't blogged much lately and have been trying to catch up on blog reading. I see your congregation split from Missouri, the new church that my family and I are members (Our Redeemer in Forsyth, Ill) at split from the LCMS this spring also. I am pleasantly surprised to see that the affiliation your congregation is looking at is ULMA. Rev Abbott from Pilgrim spoke at our congregational meeting we had with the district DP.
I wonder how many other congregations are doing the same thing? Its not the kind of thing that gets widely talked about I suppose. I will try to post some more of my own.
God's Blessings
Jack Krigbaum - WheyLay