Monday, May 25, 2009

Train a child...

I ran across an article talking about an award for reciting the 10 Commandments within 20 seconds. This speaks to two areas. One, we have allowed ourselves to do too little study (I am guilty, I am sure we all are...) on what it is we believe, and what it is God expects of us. This last bit is what causes us to seek Him and the mercy within the sacrifice of Jesus.

The other area is how true it is that you must teach your children well. Mine have been memorizing verses and the commandments for a while. We made it part of the evening "bed time" routine. They listen to hymns on CD in the van (they request them vice a radio station!). And they are learning them! We don't have any excuse for avoiding doing this with our children, or ourselves. So quit watching TV or reading the online news (the world doesn't change that fast...), and start reading the Word.

A child should be able to do this challenge easily, and it is sad that the person even felt this was a necessary step. Do you really need $20 grand to start reading the Bible?

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