Sunday, February 07, 2010

For a Miracle, Press A2

The sermon for today had a comparison that I thought was very appropriate. It likened man's desire for god to be a vending machine. You put in the right prayer, deed, penance, whatever you think will work, and hopefully your requested item will be dispensed. (I am sure some pagans must feel like we do when the item hangs from its perch, refusing to come down!) This is also where the prosperity gospel also falls in- God loves you, and like a spoiled child we expect everything we ask for to come true (a vending machine that needs no money...). I found it to be a fitting portrayal, and thought I would share it.

God has been kind to us, even with the harsher winter than normal. The third major snowfall (and like 5th storm) has passed, and caused some damage (a magnolia tree that might never be the same), but we remained warm and protected from the storm. God has been gracious, and provides objective laws and guidance to instruct and correct. God is certainly wiser than all the counsel of men.

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