Friday, August 24, 2012

A new look

There is a new layout system for blogger and I have finally gotten around to "updating." I know the new look is similar to the old look, but I try to keep things simple. I am open to suggestions on blog layout and such. Examples are great if you have them.

I am going to be working on a "series" as it were. Mostly because there are two aspects that need to be treated differently. That and together the two posts will probably will be longer than any given blog should be.

The first is how to deal with someone in a debate/discussion who refuses to claim or defend any position. Unfortunately this is found inside the church as well as a common tactic by non-believers. So it will have a section by itself since it is a more universal consideration.

A more lengthy second article is based on a recent discussion on abortion with a non-believer. It won't be a "blow-by-blow" but an evaluation of the arguments presented with the appropriate logical and theological issues those arguments entail. This one is a little more nuanced since we still must provide a good witness and argue a point we, at least partially, believe based on faith (which is something they don't recognize). This can sometimes be a sticking point to argue something well in an area partially outside of Christendom. It can be done, and I would argue is a form of defending the faith. I believe this is true because by showing our faith not blind devotion but a mind/body/soul interaction requiring thought and study, we defeat a common perception and remove a barrier. It also provides nice tie ins to lead to the Word, which is the desired end result.

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