Thursday, February 21, 2013

Harrison now apologizes...?

This is just strange. LCMS President Harrison has apologized for the media distorting the issue. This is now a strange debacle where a proper action is being apologized for because some people took offense who were not involved. After this apology, I have to agree with Harrison- he is not leading like he should. It was right to ask for an apology from Pastor Morris. It is even right to ensure the details are in the open so everyone can see what transpired due to a public event. However, you should never apologize for doing the right thing. That does the same thing as the original offense- it equates correct action with incorrect as if there is no difference. It is a tenant of leadership that you don't apologize for proper action. To do otherwise just erodes your ability to lead and the weight of your word among those who follow.

I am sure there is a line of thinking and consideration on this I might be missing. If anyone can point it out, I am more than willing to ponder it and accept it. At this point though, this is looking more like Harrison trying to not offend people, and ignoring any potential offense to the Word. This brings this full circle back to the original error of diluting the Word. This is another example that the LCMS as a body is more lukewarm than hot. That isn't a good place to be...

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