Monday, January 16, 2017

In case it wasn't clear...

So many "church bodies" (more in name than practice) have gone after the siren's call for "tolerance" of all sorts of depravity. Most of the argument goes along "God loves everyone, and times have changed so the Mosaic Law doesn't apply..." Many of those same churches use watered down, gender-free bibles, which adulterate the Word till it is no longer a fine wine and choicest meats but dirty water and stale crackers. They follow some false set of ideals without clear knowledge of what the problem is, or the cure. Look at the first book of Romans, and then take that in context with Scripture as a whole. The words used in Romans 1:26-27 mirror that in Lev 18:22. The Law isn't gone, only the physical temple. The Law remains, and anything to the contrary is a false doctrine.

Why do they still accept homosexuality or unwed cohabiting pastors? Why do they still accept insolent, arrogant elders who take sides to better a person/relationship/themselves rather than the whole? It is because of sin. But it is also because of a lack of faith in God. Equality wouldn't need to be striven for if provided by God. God provides His gift to all people. He is not at fault when they reject this gift, whether directly or indirectly though living purposefully in sin. Equality has been provided by God in this gift. So why are there so many clamoring for it within the Church to groups prohibited? The answer lies in the loss of paradise and a gnashing of teeth. They desire to see you in their state, and will concoct whatever scheme they think will convince you otherwise of the Word.

This is a critical point of Doctrine and Practice. Its critical enough that the same warning for the Athanasian Creed applies here: "This is the catholic faith; which except a man believe truly and firmly, he cannot be saved." You cannot eschew God's command to not do something and expect Him to ignore it. Faith is a shield against sin, not a license for it. (Romans 5 - 6, Mat 4:7) Embracing it is like embracing Ba'al or Allah or any other false god with the premise of somehow inclusion providing a conversion factor. You will eventually stand next to that altar as it is destroyed, wondering why your god isn't defending you. You have traded the best of all for the worst.

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