Sunday, July 16, 2006

Going Back to the Future

No, no Marty McFly here- just something for those who read this blog to think about. Part of what is causing so much of this mess in the LC-MS, and other denominations, is a lack of knowledge of the core teachings. The poor preaching/teaching starts with the Bible and goes from there. How many LC-MS Churches will go through Romans for the 3rd time in 2 years in their Bible class, and not touch the Book of Concord... or the Augsburg Confession.. or the Apology to the Augsburg Confession? All to often its a light study on Christianity pressed through some pop/secular Church grinder, which is merely breezed through with cursory readings of the Bible and a paragraph prayer each Sunday. How many know how to pray the Psalms? Anyone? I know I haven't been taught (and still don't rightly know, although sometimes I can see how it might be done). Anyone know what Article 14 (or XIV) of the Augsburg Confession says? (For a refresher, see here) How about Luther's Large Catechism explanation on the Apostle's Creed? Anyone know who wrote the Augsburg Confession? (No, not Luther- Philip Melanchthon!)

Our failings are in our theology- but they are deeper than that. They go into our teaching. We have failed miserably at this. We must first teach our families rightly. Then start by suggesting a class on the Confessions, if your church doesn't already. I am sure those churches with no love for Christ won't stand for the absolutist position Luther takes on any of the Commandments. Those which remember their true love will soon find those who press for contemporary worship either fleeing, or making the biggest rukus you will ever see. (If so- press them back and out! Get rid of that leaven!)

As far as I can tell, this is the only way to stem the tide- with the Word of God and proper teaching. If we want to spend time doing something useful on this earth- something that will last a while, we can only delve into God's Word. Anything teaching less should be unacceptable. Know your religion, or stop pretending.


VirginiaLutherans said...

As a point of clarification- where I talk about "Get rid of that leaven." I mean those who oppose good and true teaching of God's Word, not just those who cause a rukus. Some, unfortuantely, don't know any better. I didn't want to cause undue offense.

Whey Lay said...

I feel your correct in your observations. Proper, deeper instructions in the faith and history of our church would solve many of the current problems with beliefs, music and service styles. Unfortunatly at our church when my wife and I asked for more classes on Lutheran traditions and history Pastor said he was too busy, and no one would be interested. Personnally I think many in the church don't want to be reminded about that Lutheran thing. See we also have a day school, so lots of marginal members children attend the school and they maintain a church membership for a tuition break, even though they have expressed their desire to attend a different church. Basically it's felt that if we start pushing the Lutheran thing, we might turn off our crypto-Baptists in the congregation. What a sorry state. I have a feeling that our day schools are what attracted alot of this outside non-Lutheran thought, and keeps us wishy washy in general.
Teaching our families ourselves and keep pressing at church for correction is what we can do though.