Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A Little "Off Topic"

I figured I would post a little info on myself. I am still figuring out the "blog machine" in my spare time, so I apologize if this is a ponderous method instead of the profile. (This might very well make it in there some time.) I am an Aerospace Engineer, the result I think of too many sci-fi movies and books. I like to read, but being an adult and a father limits the time I have to enjoy printed words. I enjoy paintball, but it's expensive and there aren't many fields around, so I don't get out very often. My music choice is quite eclectic, and I pick and choose based on my mood at the time, or the need to stay awake. (I have a long commute, so driving at 5 am is not conducive to "easy listening"!)

I hope this has been somewhat informative to the few people who read this. A fellow blogger, Pastor Stiegemeyer, is considering a call to be an administrator to the Ft. Wayne, IN LC-MS Seminary, so for those who don't read his site (which is here), please pray for him.

Anyway, that's all for tonight. Since my commute starts early, so does the bedtime routine. *sigh* I am naturally a night owl, so this schedule is not the most enjoyable. Any prayers for continued safe driving is always appreciated. Till I get a few minutes to write again, I guess I will sign off as "Caffeinated in VA." ;-)


Dan @ Necessary Roughness said...

Hooray for Lutheran Engineers! :) You might find a kindred spirit in the Terrible Swede, though he works for the gub'mint. ;)

Plus, Pr. Stegemeyer is accepting his call to the seminary:


VirginiaLutherans said...

I am glad you have such excitement over a Lutheran Engineer. We exist, but are few and far between. I will have to check out Terrible Swede's site. As for working for the gov't, I think I can be understanding and forgive... ;-)

I did read that. Pastor Stiegemeyer actually knows my wife- she babysat for him while he was in Seminary- the first time! (Amazing how small the world is, isn't it?) I hope they fill his congregation with another confessional pastor- we need more of them, and God will send them in due time.

Thanks for visiting. I hope to see you around from time to time.