Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A little sparse...

I apologize for the sparse posts, but I have been very busy lately, only to be compounded by a paper I am co-authoring with another engineer. So what little time I have is now less/non-existant. I will get back as soon as the time presents itself.

I did want to post a little thought provocation before I get too busy. In the USA, there is an "expectation", usually referred to as a "right," of privacy. My question is this- is it truely a right? Before you start to wonder how this applies to a Christian blog, think of it this way. Is our "desire" for privacy simply the fear of the publicly unknown things in our lives becoming well known? If there is nothing to hide, why hide? I think this goes back to the fallen man placing clothes on in the Garden of Eden. It isn't because it's needed, it's only because man wants to feel "protected and secure" from the sins he knows are there. (Knowing isn't necessarily a conscious knowing.) Anyway, I put this out to make you think, and possibly post your thoughts. This will be most "offensive" to Americans simply because it is such a part of the culture.

As a sidenote- privacy isn't explicitly stated in the Constitution. The only reason it exists is due to a Supreme Court ruling... interesting, huh?


Steven G. said...
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Steven G. said...

It seems to me , an American, "the right of privacy" first meant the right to have private property, the right to have private that is not government sponsored or government controlled organizations, and the right to a public hearing. (Amendments 1,4-5)

That being said the right of privacy has it is now defined as the "freedom of personal autonomy" is not an unalienable right given to us by God. It is also quite horrendous the number of sins that have been given governmental approval by invoking this idea that new understanding of the right of privacy. The chief of which is Abortion.

Sorry for the double post

VirginiaLutherans said...


It's quite alright. I have double+ posted on occassion on various sites. Welcome to my little, teensy corner of the web. ;-)

You are right- it has morphed into something I am convinced it wasn't suppossed to be. But man would love to have a "right" to do anything he pleases, wouldn't he? (yes, it's rhetorical...;-))

I am glad you visited, and hope to see some future posts from you as well.

Steven G. said...

We love the idea of autonony, because that is the orginal lie of the Deceiver. "You can be like God."

I have enjoyed what I have read so far. I will be adding you to my list. ;}