Saturday, August 12, 2006

Two posts in a day...

This is a record for me. I wanted to post this separately because it is so much more different than the other post. I just wanted to throw this out there.

Anyone who knows me, also knows that I hold modern science just above pond scum in its ability to reason. Evolution, global warming, and other concepts are, in a phrase, a pipe dream. (Ok- the why: pipe dream refers to the hallucinations of someone in an opium den- not only is it considered unreliable, but those "dreams" are also usually scary/horrifying and entirely fictional.) My thought relates to those who try to tie the Bible in with modern science and the creation story. They try to include evolution and say "Well God must have meant many years and used evolutoin to make the creatures of the earth." While that might SEEM reasonable at first blush, it violates the most basic principles of the Bible. First, that God doesn't lie. Second, if the Garden was perfect, why would animals need to die and mutate to be perfect? This adds contradictions and removes "original sin." (doubly bad) Third- if you are that unsure on the Word of God, why do you try and marry it with bad science? Evolution is so pitiful, I was able to destroy it twice in my biology class in 10th grade. If a 10th grader can see through it, it has some pretty big holes. Marrying that junk to the Holy Writ should be incomprehensible to anyone who cares about the Word of God.

Alright, I will end the rant. Just keep in mind that modern science still requires a team of people to do simple heart surgery due to the complexity. We still don't understand basic physics, and biology just now figured out that genes can work for multiple functions. This is not possible by chance- only by God. The more I see and understand, the more in awe I am of His power.

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