Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Bumper Stickers

You can learn a lot from bumper stickers. I saw one today that, I believe, is used by pro-abortion supporters. The sticker said "Keep your theology off my biology." Catchy, huh? There were also several budda references and Eastern mysticism stickers. My thought was "without "theology" (ie God), you wouldn't have a biology." People think they can force God out just by saying "I don't believe in you," as if God is an "imaginary friend" that you can wish away. It is sad, but it is a fact of the fallen human nature. Sometimes what people stick on their bumpers (or email signature or whatever) gives you better clues as to who that person is than actually meeting them. I try to avoid stickers myself- I don't want to peel them off later on when they are faded. Plus, if I put a Christian sticker on, then violate a law (regardless of intending to or not), I might cause someone to fall. So my car is boring.

So, what's on your bumper?

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mariagothgirl said...

As a women if I wanted to have an abortion, and they would not let me. I would gave myself one anyways. My view on life is not the christians view. I have experiance things that lead me to believe, that the old pagans teachings before crist and christians are correct. It is a shame that chirstians only see black and white. By the way you really want to learn about the christians bible and what it really says go to