Tuesday, April 17, 2007


This is the first opportunity that I have had on writing since my last post. This weekend has been a roller-coaster. My son was born Friday morning after a relatively uneventful labor which changed dramatically with a footling breech birth that had to be delivered via c-section after the water broke. I was just recovering from the birth when the news reached me yesterday about the shooting at my alma mater, Virginia Tech. Anytime news like this reaches me, it just generates such sadness and a loss to even understand. This is even more so when it is somewhere I know, and really do love to be at. Man is sinful, and that is why these things happen. Americans aren't good, no one is. That is why Christ had to save us. Pray for those who lost loved ones and those who have been wounded. God bless those affected, and those on campuses around the country and the globe.

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