Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The "Issue" with Synod

For anyone who has somehow missed the latest unchristian approach by Synod, the conservative, and quite popular, radio show "Issues, Etc." was unceremoniously canceled the Tuesday before Easter. The two pastors in charge were fired, and one of their wives is gravely ill. I won't attempt to redo the work of many fine bloggers. See all of Pastor Esget's blogs, Whey Lay's comment, the well reasoned comments on CyberStones, and the insight at Kyrie Eleison. This whole issue stinks. There is no other way to put it. While we are supposed to put the best face forward, let us not do it to cover actions that are in opposition to the right thing to do, the proper thing, the Christian thing. Firing Pastors without cause, without proper discussion, and with only consideration for programming and budget is WRONG. There is no sugar coating possible.

At the very least, Strand should be fired for ineptitude (not having recent numbers for all listeners, firing without consultation of the board, etc) as he would in the commercial world. Others involved should be fired, and very serious questions asked about the theological considerations for stewardship. Wasting money is very bad for stewardship. However, the church is supposed to rely on God for its sustenance. If a program is doctrinally sound, what good money reason is there for canceling it? I ask the question in light of the $5 million for Ablaze, but not $650k for Issues, Etc. Why is the LC-MS spending money on a program that is questionable with dubious theological underpinnings and canceling conservative, orthodox programs?

I have been told by the South East District that they won't allow any new "more orthodox" churches than the closest congregation. They revised this to "confessional" from orthodox, but the point was clear to me. Ol' Mo is in serious trouble.


Whey Lay said...

Hey Virginia!
Thanks for the kind words and link.
Ill definetly let you know what transpires with our new congregation. I hate to brag, but it really is a pleasure being in a church with like minded Lutherans.
Tell us a little more regarding your last paragraph... The district suits always let on like there is no difference in style. Strange they see a difference when its orthodox going in.
Take care and God's Blessings to you and your family.
Jack Krigbaum (whey lay)

rocky said...

Disheartend over your comments about the SED. Recently moved into the Charlottesville, VA area we are anxious to find a confessional/orthodox Lutheran congregation and have thought about trying to get a mission plant with that focus. Any thoughts?

In His All sufficient Grace,


VirginiaLutherans said...


You are in luck. We are in the process of forming a Church, regardless of what the LC-MS says. Our website is: http://spotsylutheran.googlepages.com/

Please email the church or myself directly. I am completely open with my discussions with the SED (and anyone else). We would love to have you visit.

rocky said...

would like to correspond re confessional churches in VA via email -- can you send me your e-mail address -- mine is neely_owen@yahoo.com