Saturday, April 05, 2008

Truely Sweet?

Buried in the March issue of the LC-MS Reporter is the following two paragraphs:

An Aug. 18-20 theological convocation on Congregation — Synod — Church is set for the Marriott St. Louis — Airport, where some 250 Synod leaders — including representatives from each district — will take an in-depth look at the 22 theological principles.

Sponsored by the COP and the CTCR, the convocation will feature a presentation on the theological principles by the presidents of the Synod's two seminaries. Also on the schedule as a presenter is Dr. Leonard Sweet, a theologian, author, and church futurist who was voted "one of the 50 most influential Christian leaders in America" for 2006 and 2007.

This sounds all well and good. However, a quick check on Dr. Leonard Sweet can lead you to the following site. The site has exceptionally un-christian, heretical statements that liken faith and Christianity as one path to a type of enlightenment, unionism, and the list goes on. This man will be talking to the LC-MS?! What has the LC-MS done?! This is to provide clarity?! No clarity can be had outside the Word. I am incensed that this is even possible. Even the Pope doesn't consider Christianity a path in the same line as Hindus, Muslims, or any other theology or cult!

This should be an outrage, but since this is a buried comment, I sincerely doubt anyone even knows who this joker is. Be wary, Brothers...

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