Thursday, March 05, 2009

Sickness and Lent

There isn't an intended link between the two, even though sin can be considered a mortal sickness that is 100% transmittable. My family is on the tail end of a round of sickness, and I hope we will be able to avoid the stomach bug which is going around. Please wash hands and get plenty of sleep! (As I write this I am thinking of the coughing and nose blowing I have done for the past two weeks... ugh!)

It is also Lent, a time for remembering our sin and God's sacrifice to atone. Human nature is corrupt and sinful. Only through the mercy of God do we have any hope at all. We should discipline ourselves to not only be aware of this fact daily, but also to seek forgiveness and the strength to resist the temptations. Thank God He had a plan of restoration!

One other note for those who might not have seen it- the LC-MS has dropped the suit on the Issues Etc trademark. John the Steadfast has a couple posts- one on the LC-MS, and one on the legalese behind it. This encapsulates one of the reasons I left the LC-MS. The corporate body of the LC-MS acts as if its only interest is in the "brand" and not the Life-Giving Word of God. I cannot abide such hypocrisy in the Church. It sullies the teaching of the children, provides a disgrace to Christendom, and adds fodder to the humanists and non-believers. I am eternally grateful that God can make good things happen out of bad. I will get off my soapbox, and head to bed for the rest I need to get over this illness.

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