Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Romans and football (kinda)

I read Romans chapters one and two tonight and was stuck by the clear refutation of not only homosexuality (yes, it is in there) but a lot of what we find in our culture. Verses 28 - 31 (from Chapter 1) give a laundry list of what those who hate God do. It isn't surprising that such a list exists in a letter to the Romans, or that it applies to our country as well. Vices definitely existed in Rome at that time, as they also did in Greece before it. Western culture owes much to both of these empires of history, and they left their mark even in our culture's vices. As Christians we should move away from sinful things, including removing things which provide a poor example or outright bad influence on our selves and children. I know football season is right around the corner, but you (and your family) don't need to see the commercials in between. This probably isn't anything you haven't heard before. But read Romans 1 and 2 again before you flip on the game and the ads that accompany it.


Pumice said...

I liked your "about me" statement so I bookmarked your site. I have read the posts on this page and would like to ask you to be more regular. You might carry a small recorder to put down thoughts that come to you while away from your computer. You know, the earth changing insights that you can't remember later. I have been reading a lot of Methodist blogs. I would like to see if the Lutherns are a little closer to the spirit of the reformation.

Grace and peace, now and whenever you check in again.

VirginiaLutherans said...


Unfortunately my post schedule is based more on time being available than ideas. I do appreciate your comments, and took a look at your site. We do something similar with Proverbs with the kids- we play a chapter from an audio CD every day in the evening. At the least it is edifying to us as parents.

I will try to post more regularly, but I won't promise anything. I might post a quick "Lutheran Landscape" sometime soon because there are many who wouldn't recognize a Lutheran Confessions if handed one and there are others who try to consider and hold to that which they profess. (like most things, no easy answer...) As for me, I stick with Scripture and the Confessions. There is a solid rock there that holds against the storm and gentle lapping waves.


Pumice said...

I hear you on the time issue. My goal is to post once a day and more on weekends, if possible. Many of the blogs I read are written by pastors. I know how busy they are but I also know that part of their call is to edify the saints. They can make that a good excuse. If I were still a pastor I would really be forced to struggle with spending too much time on line.

Do what you can. The Spirit will do the rest.

Grace and Peace