Friday, October 29, 2010


This Sunday is Reformation Sunday. The name of the day entitles that which Luther intended when he nailed the theses on the door. Reform. Repentance. Renewal. Instead the Roman Catholic church chose to ignore and punish. Luther was correct in pointing out the failings of the Roman Catholic church, and the Roman Catholic church was wrong to react the same way as the Jewish leaders 1500 years prior. Explaining the Truth (from Scripture) is sometimes hard to take, and sometimes harder to give. As the church year ends, take a few moments to reflect on Scripture. We all fail/have failed and it takes the hard edge of the law and the Word to trim off the excess, corruption and rot. Once you have reflected and repented of those things which are ungodly, also take a look around you and reform what is necessary- family life, entertainment, even your own church body (if it needs it). Recall that the path is narrow, and is not easy. Our sacrifices and toils are enough to refine us and to keep us on the narrow way. Christ is our strength and our hope. Without Him, reform isn't possible, or even beneficial.

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