Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Sadness and Prayer

This morning's killings of two reporters on air by a deranged killer shocked and saddened most everyone. The media will turn to various experts decrying this issue, that injustice, this systematic failing or some other issue. While these things might have some sort of impact, the root cause is sin. As shocking and brutal yesterday's killings were, there is no difference in God's Law with any other sin. The tortured deaths of Christians and others in ISIS controlled lands is just as evil as the on-air killings or those committing adultery with the Ashley Madison site. The claim that hinduism and Christianity are just shades of the same is as sinful as coveting your neighbor's possessions or simply stealing gum. A Just God requires the same from all. Thank God that He is also merciful and has provided a means of Grace. All of the sins we daily commit, intentionally or not, are covered by the sacrifice of Christ. To have that gift in spite of our flesh's daily rebellion is joy unbound.

Prayers for the families of the slain and the unfortunate killer. May God use this to the betterment of the Kingdom in His own way.

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